Election Verification Network Conference

I’m at the Election Verification Network Conference in Chicago. This is a very interesting conference with lots of different types of folks, including election officials, election administrators, activists, interest groups, EAC and NIST staff, attorneys, and academics from a variety of fields. It’s a great example of people across areas meeting to work on policy concerns around elections and sharing ideas, new methods, concerns,and advances.

Conference topics include: auditing, ballot design, Internet voting, overseas and military voting methods, IRV and rank choice voting, new voting technologies, and election protection.

More to come.

One thought on “Election Verification Network Conference

  1. Zhu

    Conservative policy and anucnnoements make a lot of comment about devolving power to Local Democracy. What evidence does he have that the ordinary person in the street (as opposed to activists and politicos) actually wants this?Local democracy doesn’t really work, with the whole nonsense of paper candidates’ and good people de-elected because of national Party swings. People would like to see a one-stop-shop for voting so that if they are unhappy with local services they can have their say at General Election time if the Govt is solely responsible. At present the various levels of local democracy blame each other and the relative party in control and also the national government. All very frustrating. Then there is the issue of cost and huge amount of energy that good people put into it that could be more usefully engaged elsewhere. Complex subject but I am not convinced that the party hierarchy have really thought things through and certainly haven’t taken a peek outside the box’.

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