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Apologies to our regular readers for my absence for a few weeks.  I’m back to update you on all things early voting.

Some of you may have seen an editorial in Roll Call that Rob Richie and I authored, arguing for ranked choice voting in presidential primaries for overseas absentee ballots.  If anyone has reactions, I’d love to hear them. I think this is a great idea, and I’m pondering whether I should work with Rich to push this more systematically in a few states for 2016.

Voting reform is pushing ahead in Connecticut.  It looks like online voting registration–an initiative of the Pew Center on the States--will be put in place.  The legislature may also relax no-excuse absentee voting requirements.  This means my standing comment in powerpoint presentations about the Northeast may need to be amended!

Early voting rates in Ohio seem to be lagging behind 2008. Some local officials speculate that it may because of a fear that candidates will drop out, but I don’t find that particularly convincing.  None of the leading four candidates is showing any signs of withdrawing at this point.  As Mike Alvarez has argued in his book, it is probably because voters remain uncertain and candidate support is fluid in the Buckeye State.

Another Ohio controversy is brewing over changes to the period for early voting.

2 thoughts on “Updates on everything early voting

  1. Erol

    While it’s a great tool – you don’t get a complete almpse ballot for your area – so in some ways you actually go to the polling place less informed (“I didn’t know there was a school board or water district race…”). In 6 states (CA, IL, MD, MN, OH & PA) only http://www.evoter.com gives voters not just their polling place, but a complete interactive ballot listing every single and ballot measure candidate that you will see on your ballot – and where candidates can post profiles and organizations can post their endorsements.

  2. Nacho

    1) The program i wheactd was Kasich accetance speech2) The first fact i learned is that John Kasich won the election. Also before he won the election he was apart of congress. He also wants to balance the budget in ohio.3)This view of the program was that how much John Kasich was happy that he won the election and he told everyone in Ohio what to expect out of him.4)My opion of the program was even thought a democrat won i think we will see a change in cleveland.

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