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NM Secretary of State sends Letter to Greens, Constitutional, and Independent Party Disqualifying Party

About 6 weeks ago now, I got a call from two different Green voters asking me if they were still eligible to vote because of a letter that they received from New Mexico Secretary of State Diana Duran. The letter was dated November 5, 2013 and said,           RE: Disqualification of NM Green Party Dear […]

Election Blogger Defined as Inactive at Polls

Well, I went to the polls this AM to vote –I get a kick out of voting on Election Day, that symbolic moment when we all come together to make a decision; it’s sort of romantic. But, lo and behold, when I gave the poll worker my name there was something odd written next to […]

New Voter Guide App

Professor Elizabeth Bergman at Cal State University East Bay has designed a voting app for iPad, iPhones and Android devices. The Voter Guide Now app was developed to provide an easy method for voters to access information about candidates and legislation on federal, state, county and city ballots. All the user has to do is […]

Simple Ways to do Risk Limiting Auditing

I’m at the Election Verification Network Conference being held in my home town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We’ve heard some great talks on ballot security, usability, Internet voting , election auditing, etc. I’d like to highlight a talk by Philip Stark on a fairly simple process that states could employ to do a risk […]

Report on Albuquerque Municipal Elections, October 4, 2011

Last Tuesday, October 4, the city of Albuquerque held its non partisan municipal election. The city moved from a traditional precinct based Election Day model with 98 consolidated precinct locations to 49 vote centers allowing voters to vote at any location in the city. The city ballot was pretty thin with only 2 competitive district […]

New Mexico SOS Turns Over 64,000 Registered Voters for Potential Fraud Investigation

The New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran has provided 64,000 registered voter names to the New Mexico State Police for fraud examination. This represents about 5.3% of all registered voters and about 7.7% of voters in the 2010 election.  No details were given on how these voters were identified, but that represents an enormous […]

Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office Does Focus Group with Presiding Judges

Denise Lamb, the Deputy County Clerk in Santa Fe County, contacted me to share the results of a couple of focus groups her staff ran after the recent election with poll judges. In late April, her election coordinator, Pat Hummer, hosted two focus groups for presiding judges to, “find out their thoughts about how we […]

Awards at Election Verification Network Conference

The Election Verification Network gave 3 awards last night to individuals working on important areas relating to election reform and election administration. The first person was Professor J. Alex Halderman at the University of Michigan. He is a computer scientists who demonstrated the first (known) voting machine virus and recently with his students participated in […]

Election Verification Network Conference

I’m at the Election Verification Network Conference in Chicago. This is a very interesting conference with lots of different types of folks, including election officials, election administrators, activists, interest groups, EAC and NIST staff, attorneys, and academics from a variety of fields. It’s a great example of people across areas meeting to work on policy […]

NM Secretary of State Examines Voter Registration File for Fraudulent Voters

The New Mexico Secretary of State testified in a morning legislative hearing on Tuesday, March 15 that her office has merged the Motor Vehicle Division file with the statewide voter registration file and has found 37 people who she believes are non-citizens who voted between 2003 and 2010. New Mexico is one of three states […]