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PCEA research white papers

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration’s report is getting a lot of attention and praise following its release on Wednesday. One aspect of the report I want to highlight is the degree to which the Commission aimed to ground their findings in the best available research, academic and otherwise.  It renews my faith that it [...]

Election toolkits and the PCA report

In the minds of some, the Presidential Commission on Election Administration was President Obama’s “long lines commission.” While that is an overly narrow description of the commission’s mandate, it identifies the most salient of the motivations behind appointing the commission — reports of voters waiting to vote in the 2012 election. In the words of [...]

VTP resources relevant to the PCEA report

With the release of the final report of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration, readers may be interested in a set of resources that were produced in response to the commission’s charge.  All of these are mentioned somewhere in the commission’s report (and appendix) and on its web site, but here is a convenient listing. [...]

World cloud of Election Commission hearings and public meetings

Just for yucks, I made a word cloud (using Wordle) of all the hearings and public meetings of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration. It’s my gift to election geeks everywhere, with wishes for a happy new year.

Boston voters benefit from HAVA

One of the requirements in HAVA was that voting machines start warning voters when they over- and under-voted ballots. I have just been shown a small example of why this was a good requirement. Boston had a very interesting (and important) mayoral election this year. I previously blogged about the layout of the polling places [...]

Reflections on polling place design

I spent yesterday visiting five different polling places in Boston (one of them twice), during the preliminary mayoral election. I chose the precincts randomly, though I used a method that assured me I would hit some big-registration precincts and some smaller ones. One of the things I did was sketch the layout of each of [...]

Age and attitudes toward voting technology

I’ve started taking a look at some survey research I did this past election into attitudes about voting technology, for a book chapter I’m writing with my graduate student, James Dunham. Something I hear a lot is that young people expect to do everything online. One implication of this (supposedly) is that one day, we [...]

VRS shows how we’ve changed how we vote

Mike has posted the news that the 2012 Voting and Registration Supplement (VRS) has just been released. This is good news for election geeks all over. One thing the VRS is indispensable for is helping track the evolution of the modes of voting throughout the country. Because there is no centralized voter registration database — [...]

Why the president’s commission is good

There has been a lot of commentary about the president’s election commission today, in response to the State of the Union speech.  This is a busy teaching day for me, so I can’t put in my full two cents on this one, so I’ll add my ha’penny. The fact that election administration has attracted a [...]

Pew Research Center on waiting in line since 2004

I’ve been mucking around in surveys other than my own that document how long voters wait to vote.  I found that the Pew Research Center on the People and the Press asked this question in 2004, 2008, and 2012.  Unfortunately, the response categories are different from those in the Survey of the Performance of American [...]