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Chiming in on Michael’s post, credit for sparking the idea in my head was a comment by a poll worker. I apologize for not writing down his name, but it was either Clyde David (Prince George’s County MD) or Stephen Graham (District of Columbia). He discussed the need for ongoing poll worker training, which got […]

A tide of amateurs in state legislatures in 2013?

This story from The Thicket, an online blog of the National Conference of State Legislatures, is a cause for concern. A likely close election, fiscal and pension crises (compare the fiscal health of states at the Pew Center), and a burst of inexperienced legislators is a recipe for potential legislative follies (a link to David […]

If the public “thinks” something is a problem, does that make it a problem? Voter ID and the new Rasmussen Poll

The new Rasmussen Poll on voter ID opens with this tendentious lead-in: Despite his insistence that voter fraud is not a serious problem, Attorney General Eric Holder was embarrassed last week when a video surfaced of someone illegally obtaining a ballot to vote under Holder’s name in his home precinct in Washington, D.C. First, le’s […]

Another cool panel on election rules, procedures, and voter choice

One of our bloggers is on this panel as discussant. Andre Blais is principal investigator for “Making Electoral Democracy Work,” a very interesting sounding comparative elections project coming out of the Canadian research system. Finally, if memory serves (confirmed from his website), Garrett is one of Mike’s many successful graduate students. Aha! And Morgan is […]

Strategic Voting and Election Laws

This panel looks cool! My students have been big fans of election rules, laws, and strategic voting. Chair(s): Ken Kollman, University of Michigan Paper(s): Voting Behavior in Dual Ballot Contests: The Case of French Presidential Elections Using survey data from French presidential elections, we examine the extent to which voters’ strategies differ in dual ballot […]

Data ARE awesome, graphics maybe less so

Doug Chapin just doesn’t have enough snark. He rightly lauds the District of Columbia’s election office for making detailed early voting information easily accessible. But then he puts this put this graphic up front: Mike DeBonis?  Ick!   I guess it’s colorful! DeBonis did a nice job cranking out the figures, but he commits a […]

New edition of California Journal of Politics and Policy, articles on election reform

I just got sent the new edition of the California Journal of Politics and Policy, and there are a number of excellent papers related to election reform.  The articles all seem to be freely distributable as PDFs at this point.  All articles are linked below. Introduction–Dedication to Tim Hodson Reforming California: Political Patchwork versus a […]

Do clean elections produce extremists?

Nice paper being presented at next week’s Midwest Political Science Association meeting, and blogged by Seth Masket here: Michael Miller, his collaborator, has written about clean elections in the Election Law Journal.

Ballot problem in IL

This is not good:

Elections, Representation, and Accountability

Doug Chapin says I am just an old crotchety guy.   I’m old and I’m crotchety, but I don’t think I’m being unfair. I just get worried when something is oversold. Here’s what TurboVote promises: If voting were easier, more people would do it. And if more people voted, we could reinvigorate local and primary […]