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Voter Identification and Discretion

We have a blog post on our Voter ID and Discretion article out on the LSEUSA blog site.  Poll workers often are influenced by their own biases when implementing voter identification laws but this problem can be mitigated in part by having better educated poll workers.

Auditing Risks

There is a great story in the NYTimes today about new British rules related to auditing.  Specifically, under the new rules: Auditors are supposed to comment on the particular risks that companies face and to say what they did to deal with those risks. They are supposed to discuss how much of the company they […]

My Two Cents on Schools as Polls

As Mike and Lonna noted, each of us have had less than pleasant encounters with school principals regarding polling places in schools and I have blogged about this before. In one of our many polling place observations in Southern California, Mike watched with some amusement when an elementary school principal expressed anger when I took […]

NJ Elections

I have been fielding an inordinate number of calls today about the voting in New Jersey and the use of email for ballot transmissions.  The email balloting solution is not a bad idea — it is something that overseas and military voters have done for some time — but it raises an array of interesting […]

Smithsonian Political Machines Symposium

The Smithsonian National Museum of National History sponsored a symposium — Political Machines:  Innovations in Campaigns and Elections today. This morning started with a keynote talk by Darrell West of the Brookings Institution.  He gave an interesting talk on how politics is being changed by technology.  He noted how campaigns and political groups are using […]

Post Sandy Questions

Tropical Storm Sandy has created a disaster in New York and along the eastern seaboard.  The states that were affected all have to have their elections up and running on Tuesday; except for New Jersey, the states most directly affected are not states with early and absentee voting. In New York, numerous subway tunnels were […]

NYC Elections….How?

It is unclear to me how election officials will prepare for the election on November 6. With no power and parts of the city flooded, how exactly will they get polling places open, all the polling stations manned, all of the voting machines, voting equipment deployed? This will be the challenge of the election.

Another Election, Another Potential Disaster

As Hurricane Sandy approaches the coast of New Jersey and is causing havoc on the coast from North Carolina north, it is interesting to ask a simple question — what if this storm was hitting on November 5, not at the end of October? The impact of such an event could be devastating to the ability of […]

Moritz Conference on HAVA

Charles Stewart, Paul Gronke, and I are attending the HAVA@10 Conference at the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University today.  The morning panels covered What HAVA Did and Did Not Do and about Federal and State aspects of HAVA. Charles and I spoke separately but both covered the history of HAVA and […]

Personalized Voting

Yesterday and today I am attending an Accessible Voting conference and we have had an interesting experience. We were broken into 4 groups, discussing different aspects of the voting process — from the pre-voting registration and voter information component through voting modes (remote and in-person) and ballot design. The fascinating part of the experience was […]