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PCEA research white papers

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration’s report is getting a lot of attention and praise following its release on Wednesday. One aspect of the report I want to highlight is the degree to which the Commission aimed to ground their findings in the best available research, academic and otherwise.  It renews my faith that it […]

Daniel Smith (aka ElectionSmith) on Early Voting in the Florida Primary

See this recent posting by Dan Smith on early voting in Florida:  

Updates on everything early voting

Apologies to our regular readers for my absence for a few weeks.  I’m back to update you on all things early voting. Some of you may have seen an editorial in Roll Call that Rob Richie and I authored, arguing for ranked choice voting in presidential primaries for overseas absentee ballots.  If anyone has reactions, […]

Chapin’s new blog asks: when does Election Day *really* start in 2012?

Doug Chapin has a blog as part of the Program for Excellence in Election Administration.  Given Doug’s knowledge of the field, I think this has to be an addition to the daily RSS feed. In a recent posting, Chapin blogged about the challenging 2012 presidential primary calendar, and how constant shifting deadlines (and rosters of […]

Choosing our metaphors wisely

I like the story but I don’t like the metaphor used in this week’s Electionline. Mindy Moretti writes: Like alcohol during prohibition, it turns out that many Ohio voters actually liked many of the elections procedures recently banned by the state legislature. The point is well-taken; the Ohio Legislature eliminated times and places for voting […]

VBM and the costs of elections: updates from CO, IN, and WA

Changes to early voting are on the administrative and legislative calendar in many states and jurisdictions.  A brief update from the mail bag: In Colorado, many counties have absentee ballot rates exceeding 70%.  This was the threshold, by the way, that encouraged Oregon and Washington to move to full vote by mail.  In Arapahoe County, […]

DC learns about the week-long “election day”

This story in the Post is not a surprise to anyone who follows early voting. All I can say to the Fenty and Gray forces is that early voting, in as much as we can generalize from other races in other states and localities, is more likely to reshuffle the electorate than change the electorate. The […]

The Long Count in Oz

Paul Gronke and James Hicks Early Voting Information Center August 26, 2010 Crossposted at I spent the end of last week in Bellingham, WA (a wonderful city by the way–but keep it a secret!) and experienced the impact of a “slow count” firsthand.  At least in Washington, the vote totals are updated daily, and […]

Survey on the Performance of American Elections Data Available

As part of my pre-Thanksgiving clean-up, I have finally gotten around to posting the data sets and documentation for three surveys my colleagues and I did in 2007 and 2008 to gauge the quality of American elections. The studies were funded by Pew, as part of their Make Voting Work Initiative, along with the late, […]

Alternative Voting News of the Week

Ohio: SoS Jennifer Brunner is being criticized by state legislators because she allowed individual counties to choose whether to send absentee ballot applications to all voters, and whether to include return postage.  Brunner argues that the legislature failed to allocate enough funds.  The Legislature counters that not all allocated funds were used, and not sending […]