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New Mexico SOS Turns Over 64,000 Registered Voters for Potential Fraud Investigation

The New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran has provided 64,000 registered voter names to the New Mexico State Police for fraud examination. This represents about 5.3% of all registered voters and about 7.7% of voters in the 2010 election.  No details were given on how these voters were identified, but that represents an enormous […]

Survey on the Performance of American Elections Data Available

As part of my pre-Thanksgiving clean-up, I have finally gotten around to posting the data sets and documentation for three surveys my colleagues and I did in 2007 and 2008 to gauge the quality of American elections. The studies were funded by Pew, as part of their Make Voting Work Initiative, along with the late, […]

California man charged with election fraud

This is from a press release from the CA Secretary of State office: Felony charges were filed and an arrest warrant issued Monday for an Orange County man suspected of committing voter registration and election fraud, Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced today. An investigation by the Secretary of State’s Election Fraud Investigation Unit revealed […]

Voter Confidence 2: By Mode and By Vote Choice

I wrote a few days ago about some data we collected as part of the 2008 Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES), testing assumptions about “voter confidence,” a survey respondent’s perception about whether their vote will be counted accurately or not. We wanted to test for two other patterns that have been reported in past work […]

National Academies of Science voter registration workshop

I’m off to Atlanta — the site of yesterday’s Senate runoff election — for two days of discussion regarding voter registration systems as part of the ongoing National Academy study of Statewide VR systems. So if you happen to be in the area, Thursday’s open sessions look pretty interesting. Unfortunately I can’t find the URL […]

Voting in the GA Senate Runoff starts Friday

Title says it all.  Details are still being worked out in some counties, but it looks like election officials are ramping up to start early voting on Monday Friday! And it seems like the election just ended…. WAIT!  It did!!

Presidential candidate using Facebook for voter registration and absentee ballot applications

CNN has the story. It is interesting to see how both campaigns are using social networking tools on the Internet to encourage supporters to register and to get absentee ballots.

US Elections in Valparaiso, Chile?

Readers might be interested in these signs which we saw yesterday in Valparisaio, Chile — in the window of a house overlooking the city’s harbor. Click here for the photo, my slow internet connection won’t let me put the thumbnail in this post.

Governments and Companies Struggle With Data Security

There’s an interesting story in the Washington Post, “Companies Struggle to Keep Data Safe.” The lead paragraph in the story notes: “A staggering 94 percent of companies admit that they are powerless to prevent confidential data from leaving their company by e-mail, according to a new study from Mimecast.” But it’s not just corporations that […]

A few items from the newswire

Doug Chapin and I have been asked about this before–if you cast an early ballot and then die, is your ballot still counted?  I think we’ve agreed on a standard reply.  While everyone thinks this is an issue that can be dealt with using absentee ballots, what about early in person voting?  It seems to […]