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New Mexico SOS Turns Over 64,000 Registered Voters for Potential Fraud Investigation

The New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran has provided 64,000 registered voter names to the New Mexico State Police for fraud examination. This represents about 5.3% of all registered voters and about 7.7% of voters in the 2010 election.  No details were given on how these voters were identified, but that represents an enormous […]

NPR Coverage of Voter Registration Issues

I am listening to my old friend and colleague, Charles Franklin of the University of Wisconsin and, on an NPR story right now about a voter registration lawsuit brought by the attorney general of Wisconsin.  The program is Day to Day. A tag line announced that my dear friend  Tova Wang, Vice President for […]

Mass House appears to have failed to take up EDR bill

The Boston Globe is reporting this morning that the Mass House did not take up the EDR bill that the Mass Senate had passed: Major items that lawmakers neglected to take up included whether to allow residents to register to vote on election days, whether the state should ban trans fat oils in restaurants, and […]

Controversy of Voter Registration law in New Mexico

This story in Politico just came across the wire, courtesy of Project Vote. In brief, a law passed in 2005 meant to manage third party voter registration efforts is being challenged as overly restrictive and unconstitutional. I am not sure about the constitutional arguments, but the defenders of the law are having a hard time […]

Two additional reports of voter fraud

In addition to the reports of fraud that I wrote about in the past few days, there are two additional ones that I ran across this morning. The first comes from New York, from a report in the Daily News: An aide to former Queens Assemblyman Jimmy Meng was charged yesterday with rigging voter addresses […]

Woman working for voter registration drive in Missouri accused of fraud and identity theft

This has circulated the past few days, here’s an AP report on the allegations: She worked in August and September as a voter registration recruiter for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN. She is accused of using another woman’s Social Security number to get hired by ACORN and Project Vote. […]