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PCEA research white papers

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration’s report is getting a lot of attention and praise following its release on Wednesday. One aspect of the report I want to highlight is the degree to which the Commission aimed to ground their findings in the best available research, academic and otherwise.  It renews my faith that it […]

NM Secretary of State sends Letter to Greens, Constitutional, and Independent Party Disqualifying Party

About 6 weeks ago now, I got a call from two different Green voters asking me if they were still eligible to vote because of a letter that they received from New Mexico Secretary of State Diana Duran. The letter was dated November 5, 2013 and said,           RE: Disqualification of NM Green Party Dear […]

Election Blogger Defined as Inactive at Polls

Well, I went to the polls this AM to vote –I get a kick out of voting on Election Day, that symbolic moment when we all come together to make a decision; it’s sort of romantic. But, lo and behold, when I gave the poll worker my name there was something odd written next to […]

New Mexico SOS Turns Over 64,000 Registered Voters for Potential Fraud Investigation

The New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran has provided 64,000 registered voter names to the New Mexico State Police for fraud examination. This represents about 5.3% of all registered voters and about 7.7% of voters in the 2010 election.  No details were given on how these voters were identified, but that represents an enormous […]

Even MORE on newspaper registration forms??

I discovered that the Washington Bus Project actually tried the newspaper “wrap” registration form last year.  Here are some images of their wrap.  Interesting thing in this case the alternative weekly–The Stranger–took on most of the production duties and sold political ads in the wrap.

Survey on the Performance of American Elections Data Available

As part of my pre-Thanksgiving clean-up, I have finally gotten around to posting the data sets and documentation for three surveys my colleagues and I did in 2007 and 2008 to gauge the quality of American elections. The studies were funded by Pew, as part of their Make Voting Work Initiative, along with the late, […]

Limited recount coming in Iranian election dispute?

This is from the BBC, “Iran to hold election recount:” The Guardian Council – Iran’s top legislative body – said votes would be recounted in areas contested by the losing candidates. But a spokesman for the council told state television it would not annul the election – as moderate candidates have demanded. The opposition says […]

Pending Federal Legislation

Also from the recent NCSL newsletter, Federal legislation that they believe may garner significant interest in 2009-10: Joint Resolution Pertaining To U.S. Senate Vacancies S.J. RES 7 – Sen. Russell Feingold (D-WI) Senate Joint Resolution 7 proposes a Constitutional amendment providing that no person shall be a Senator from a state unless such person has […]

Election day registration to be considered in Oregon

According to a story in today’s Oregonian, the Oregon Senate will consider a change to the Oregon constitution that will allow same day registration.  If it passes the Senate, it has to be put to the voters. The current 21 day window is a consequence of the infamous “Rajneeshees” in 1984: The 1986 vote came […]

NPR Coverage of Voter Registration Issues

I am listening to my old friend and colleague, Charles Franklin of the University of Wisconsin and, on an NPR story right now about a voter registration lawsuit brought by the attorney general of Wisconsin.  The program is Day to Day. A tag line announced that my dear friend  Tova Wang, Vice President for […]