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PCEA research white papers

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration’s report is getting a lot of attention and praise following its release on Wednesday. One aspect of the report I want to highlight is the degree to which the Commission aimed to ground their findings in the best available research, academic and otherwise.  It renews my faith that it […]

TGDC meeting, day two tomorrow

I just spent my morning out in Gaithersburg on the NIST campus, listening to the meeting of the EAC’s Technical Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC). The day has just ended. However, tomorrow will be a full agenda, too. You can listen in by going to the following link: Tomorrow’s agenda will focus on UOCAVA-related issues. […]

Survey on the Performance of American Elections Data Available

As part of my pre-Thanksgiving clean-up, I have finally gotten around to posting the data sets and documentation for three surveys my colleagues and I did in 2007 and 2008 to gauge the quality of American elections. The studies were funded by Pew, as part of their Make Voting Work Initiative, along with the late, […]

Residual votes in LA and Palm Beach Counties

During my lunch talk at the Technology, Diversity, and Democracy conference Mike has previously reported on, I used the case of Palm Beach County, Florida to discuss how metrics to gauge the quality of the voting process sometimes are right under our noses, and under-utilized. Here is a little more detail about PB County (and […]

EAC Commissioners Blog

Not exactly a blog, but the EAC has gotten a lot better about using technology to make their hearings and meetings public. I went to their website today and found this set of notes from Commissioner Donetta Davidson and Matt Weil on early voting in Florida. For those who don’t know already, the big innovation […]

Electronic Elections on the shelf in Vromans Pasadena

It’s always nice to see your book on the shelf in a bookstore – this time our local independent bookstore, Vromans. Here’s the photo!

Christmas in August?

So Christmas has come early here in Pasadena, thanks to Denise Lamb from Santa Fe County (New Mexico). These are two of the voting Sequoia voting machines which Denise has passed our way … More on this when I get them unpacked, and up and running!

Must-Read for Election Officials: "State of Alaska Election Security Project Reports"

I’ve been meaning for some time to post a link to these reports produced by the University of Alaska-Anchorage: “State of Alaska Election Security Project Phase 1 Report;” and the “State of Alaska Election Security Project Phase 2 Report.” The Phase 1 report was published in late December 2007, and I was a peer reviewer […]

Pac NW Elections 4: Design for Democracy

The clouds have rolled in over Portland but the sessions continue at the 2007 Pacific NW Elections Conference. The second day consists of breakout sessions that provide professional training (required?) for elections officials. I attended an interesting talk by Marcia Lausen of the Design for Democracy project (affilated with the American Institute of Graphic Artists). […]

EAC calls upon voting system testing labs and vendors to adopt conflict of interest and partisanship bias policies

The EAC released this statement last week, and here is one paragraph quoted from the statement: Federally accredited test laboratories and certified voting machine systems play an important role in our nation’s elections and public confidence in those elections. In the interests of maintaining public trust in the integrity and fairness of the election process, […]