Ballot translation error in Arcadia, CA

Paul recently wrote about a balloting problem in Illinois.

Here’s a different one, out here in Southern California. Arcadia is a city just east of Pasadena, with a large Asian-American population. The problem regards an incorrect translation of the ballot, and this story contains much of the details, “Arcadia Election Ballots Contain Translation Blunder.” Here’s an updated version of the story, as the election officials in Arcadia are trying to figure out how they are going to pay to resolve the problem.

One thought on “Ballot translation error in Arcadia, CA

  1. Michael Montgomery

    Thank you very much for helping keep my (brief) scholarly life from vanishing entirely!

    I’m the “Montgomery (1985)” you’ve cited in a number of places — most recently in your Voting Technology chapter in the Oxford Handbook.

    Never finished but have had a pretty good career consulting and now teach a nonprofit management classes in a local MBA program.

    Thank you again.

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