FEE 2005 conference, current crypto research on voting systems

There is an interesting conference starting tomorrow in Italy, which MIT colleague Ron Rivest helped to organize, called “Frontiers in Electronic Elections (FEE 2005)”. The preliminary program is now available, and many of the presentations look interesting to those who follow this highly technical area of research on voting technology. We will work to see if we can’t obtain copies of the papers and/or presentation materials, and if so, will try to make them available to interested readers.

The FEE 2005 conference follows in the wake of the “Workshop on Trustworthy Elections” (WOTE 1) and the “DIMACS Workshop on Electronic Voting — Theory and Practice” (WOTE 2) conferences, held in 2001 and 2004, respectively. The crypto community is making much progress in basic research on improving voting system security, and we look forward to hearing more about the proceedings from FEE 2005. It will be important to see how research in this area is cumulating, and where the gaps are for future research.