Publius special issue on HAVA

Soon the academic journal Publius is going to release a special topic issue on “The States and the Help America Vote Act.” Here is the table of contents of Publius volume 35, number 4:

  • “HAVA and the States”, by Sarah F. Liebschutz and Daniel J. Palazzolo (who are also guest editors of this special topic issue)
  • “State and Local Government Organizations and the Formation of the Help America Vote Act”, by Dan J. Palazzolo and Fiona R. McCartney
  • “Implementing HAVA┬╣s Voter Education Requirement in Florida’s Decentralized Election System”, by Susan MacManus
  • “Rational and Pluralistic Approaches to HAVA Implementation: The Cases of Georgia and California”, by R. Michael Alvarez and Thad E. Hall
  • “The Effect of HAVA on Late-to-Innovate States: External Influence on Election Reform in Arizona and Illinois”, by Glen S. Krutz
  • “The Implementation of HAVA in New York: From Antiques to High Tech”, by Sarah F. Liebschutz
  • “The U.S. Election Assistance Commission: What Role in the Administration of Elections?”, by Robert S. Montjoy and Douglas M. Chapin, Jr.

This special issue is bringing some of the experts on HAVA’s passage and implementation with some public policy experts.

A very early, pre-publication version of my contribution with Thad is available, though the paper that will be published has been polished a bit since that version was posted.

We’ll let you know when the special issue of Publius is out!