More on text messaging and voter mobilization

There is a story on ZDNet News that discusses an advertisement campaign in San Francisco aimed at getting young Asian-American voters to get registered and voting. As the story notes, the ad is on a billboard above a San Francisco restaurant called “My Tofu House”, and it reads “
“Registering to vote just got EASIER. Register to vote. USING your cellphone, Text `IVOTE’ to 80837.” The billboard is located at Geary and 11th Ave.

You can see a picture of the My Tofu House advertisement here. The group that is behind the campaign is “Mobile Voter”, a nonprofit located in the Bay area.

It would be very interesting to get some information here on how many text messages this advertising campaign generates, and what the demographics are of the users. So if anyone out there is associated with the “Mobile Voter” group and can send along some data, we’d love to take a look! Election Updates readers may remember that we blogged about the use of text messages for voter mobilization on October 3, 2005.