Indian "Electronic Voting Machine" voter education videos

There are currently elections ongoing in the Indian state of Bihar, and in doing some research on these elections and the procedures used in their electoral system, I stumbled across some very interesting voter education and information videos regarding the Indian “Electronic Voting Machine” (if you are not familiar with the Indian EVM, see their descriptive material).

If you have a very fast Internet connection, you should check out their education videos, especially the “Spots & Aayee Vote Machine” video (I watched it in English, of course!). If you do download this video collection, you should look out for a one-minute clip near the front of the file, titled “Aui Vote Machine (Song-1)”. This is one of the funniest voter education spots I’ve ever seen, with a really catchy song, a fun dance, and a guy dressed up as the Indian EVM, moving his arms up and down like a robot!

But again, don’t try to download these clips unless you have a very fast Internet connection. I will try to get these videos on our website for faster download, and if successful, I’ll post a notice here.