Qualitative evaluation of Buenos Aires e-voting pilot project available

My initial report on the recent Buenos Aires e-voting pilot project is available, as is my photographic collection, and some of the initial data and statistics on pilot project participation that I was recently provided. The initial data consist of graphs that give the participation in the pilot project by age, by gender, by pilot system prototype used, by voting location, and by educational attainment level.

There is a great amount of detail in my report, covering the background of the project and the international observation mission that I participated in. The six key recommendations are:

  1. Much care is needed in analysis and study of the evaluation data.
  2. Determine the extent of usability problems.
  3. Take a careful look at the optical scanning system.
  4. Develop and implement proceduresfor physical security.
  5. Develp and implement procedures for pilot testing security.
  6. Continue pilot testing, but narrow down the number of options being tested.

Folks closely involved with the project say that more detailed data will soon be available … when I have a chance to work with the pilot project data, I’ll certainly post additional analyses and reports here!