Last minute holiday shopping tips for the election geeks on your list

It is getting late in the holiday season, but if you still have some shopping to do for those election geeks on your list, here are a few suggestions, in no particular order of preference!

  • An old voting machine. There are a number for sale on ebay, for example, here is one (sale ends December 27!). Just search ebay for “voting machine”.
  • A new iPod. All geeks have to have one. And they will want to use it to subscribe to our podcast.
  • A cool new book. Some recently published bookes we are now reading:

    • Eric C. Bjornlund, “Beyond Free and Fair: Monitoring Elections and Building Democracy” (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004).
    • Tracy Campbell, “Deliver the Vote: A History of Election Fraud, An American Political Tradition (1742-2004)” (Carroll and Graf, 2005).
    • Ronald Hayduk, “Gatekeepers to the Franchise: Shaping Election Administration in New York” (Northern llinois, 2005).
  • Electoral college sportswear, likely to be a hot commodity in 2008 (special holiday thanks to Doug Chapin, Jr. for this tip!).
  • A share or two of Diebold stock, through their convenient “DRIP” (“Direct Purchase, Sale and Divident Reinvestment Plan”). Might not be a bad investment, if the rumors we hear from knowledgeable folks are true and if management is thinking of shedding their voting system business.
  • And don’t forget “Point, Click and Vote” as a stocking stuffer; still selling like hotcakes on

If you have other hot holiday shopping tips for election geeks, please email them along. We’ll add clever ones to the list!