TCF 2005 best and worst of election reform

Fellow election geek Tova Andrea Wang (The Century Foundation) has produced her “Worst and Best in Election Reform, 2005”. It makes for interesting end-of-year reading, and hopefully the coming year will lead to a shorter list of “worst” entries a year from now.

For a number of reasons, I’m pessimistic that this will happen in 2006, mainly due to the intersection of some troubling trends in the coming year: many pressing federal election reform deadlines, states that are lagging in meeting those deadlines, a still-closely divided electorate in a federal election year, and heightened scrutiny of our election process in the United States.

I do agree with the conclusion of Tova’s end-of-year list: “These developments (the best and worst list) mean all of us who have made careers out of examining election administration can continue to earn a living.” No doubt, 2006 will be a busy year for all election geeks.