NASS Survey of States and HAVA Deadlines

NASS has released a report detailing how states are doing in complying with the various aspects of HAVA that come due in the next year. All told, 43 states responded to the survey. Among the key findings:

  • Forty-one of the 43 respondents will be fully compliant with HAVA’s mandates by the time they hold their first federal elections in 2006. Twenty-four states will be fully compliant with the law by the January 1 deadline.
  • Only two of the states said they will not have their statewide voter registration databases in place by the time they hold their 2006 federal elections.
  • The seventeen states that will miss the January 1 deadline for having fully compliant voting systems gave the following reasons: (some states gave multiple answers):
    • Seven states said they were held up by the RFP process;
    • Seven states said contractors/vendors caused the delays;
    • Six states said the late release of federal guidelines caused them to miss the deadline;
    • Four states blamed state legislatures that were slow to act; and
    • One state said it received insufficient federal funds.

States noted similar problems with meeting the voter registration database requirements. It will be interesting to see how effectively these systems work in practice.