APSA Mobilizing Democracy Working Group Workshop

In the spring of 2005, the American Political Science Association (APSA) established a series of working research groups, loosely organized under the title the “Mobilizing Democracy Working Group”. There were meetings at a political science conference in Chicago in April 2005, and paper presentations at the APSA meetings in September 2005; some of the papers presented at APSA in 2005 were the subject of earlier essays on Election Updates.

This weekend there is a conference in New York City, at the Russell Sage Foundation. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend the conference, but Thad will be here — and he has promised to write about the conference upon his return.

If you are a member of APSA, you can obtain see the papers that have been prepared for the conference by logging in to the APSA website, and then by clicking on the “GOTV-Mobilizing Democracy Working Group Page” under the “Access Areas” on your APSA membership page. Here is the direct link to the site. Hopefully after the conference is over, all of the papers will be available at this website, as there are some interesting scholars and research to be presented this weekend.

UPDATE, January 24, 2006:Paul Gronke alerted me that the APSA site seems to limit access to only members of this project. We’ll have to wait for Thad’s essay on the conference and the project for additional details. Many of the papers were presented at the 2005 APSA conference, and we’ll get additional information about this project and these research papers up here as quickly as we can.