Updates on California voting system certifications

I ran across an interesting spreadsheet this morning on the California Secretary of State’s website, that might be of use to folks who are trying to follow the evolving status of voting system certification in California.

This spreadsheet lists the vendor, their voting system, whether the federal testing is complete, and whether the state has received an application for state certification. Based on this speadsheet (last updated on January 19, 2006), the ESS “Automark” system has cleared state certification, but the following systems have not:

  • Diebold, apparently awaiting federal testing because of a referral “back to ITA for AccuBasic code review.”
  • ESS “Unisysn EMS/InkaVote PBC”, under state review.
  • Hart, “System 6”, undergoing state testing.
  • Sequoia, under state review.
  • Populex, “Digital Paper Ballot Voting System”, whose application for state certification was apparently incomplete.

One of the oddities in this list is the ESS “Unity/M100/M650/iVotronic w/VVPAT”; this spreadsheet lists this system as “currently in federal testing”, but that ESS has yet to submit an application for California certification.

The clock is ticking … the June 6 primary is not far off!