Haitian election turmoil

The Washington Post has a lot of thorough coverage of the unfolding turmoil surrounding the current elections in Haiti. There were a number of close calls earlier on election day, as reported in the Post’s main story:

Before dawn, voters swarmed out of Cite Soleil, Bel Air and other urban slums to discover that voting stations had failed to open, election officials had no ballots, registration lists were incorrect and lines stretched for blocks. In some neighborhoods, voters trampled by surging crowds rose bloodied and bruised.

At least three people died, including a police officer in the northern town of Gros Morne who was killed by a mob after he fatally shot a man.

The turbulence subsided by late afternoon as voters who had waited for hours were herded into lines and filed into polling places. The turnabout, which may have been aided by an afternoon decision to keep polling places open until everyone had voted, relieved election officials and international observers who feared the situation could be edging toward anarchy.

If you scroll down the page, and click on the link under Photos, “Finally, Haitians Vote”, there is a collection of excellent photos depecting the election turmoil.

It’s also worth noting that the story states that in remote parts of Haiti ballots were delivered via donkey.