Opinion piece: California needs redistricting reform

Today’s Pasadena Star-News has the second installment of my opinion column, this one on California’s need for redistricting reform.

This opinion piece follows some earlier essays on Election Updates on redistricting reform in California:

  1. “Why did redistricting reform fail in California and Ohio in 2005? New survey research provides great data and a lot of insight.” This essay discussed some wonderful survey data that looked at Proposition 77 in California, and why it failed to pass last fall.
  2. “Competitive districts possible in California, new study concludes.” This essay briefly discussed a thoughtful analysis by the IGS up at UC-Berkeley about competitive district plans in California.
  3. My first opinion piece in this series on the need for general election reform in California. This piece argued for redistricting reform, in addition to reforms in campaign finance and the initiative process.

As today’s opinion piece argues, California needs redistricting reform now — and the current political conditions seem suitable for fixing our redistricting process.