Upcoming Events of Election Organizations

To keep our blog readers informed of the different activities, workshops and conferences happening in the election organization community, here is a list of upcoming events. We will update this list periodically (monthly, as needed).

NASS: National Association of Secretaries of State
1. Winter Conference ’06: Feb 3-6, 2006, Washington DC, w/NASED
2. Summer Conference ’06: Jul 9-12, 2006, Santa Fe NM, w/NASED
3. Winter Conference’07: Feb 9-12, 2007, Washington DC
4. Summer Conference ’07: Jul 15- 18, 2007, Portland OR

NASED – National Association of State Election Directors
1. Winter Meeting ’06: Feb 4-6, 2006, Wash DC, w/NASS
2. Summer Meeting ’06: Jul 9-11, 2006, Santa Fe NM, w/NASS
3. Winter Meeting ’07: Feb10-12, 2007, Wash DC, w/The Election Center

The Election Center
1. Special Workshop: Feb 22-26, 2006, Albuquerque NM
2. Special Workshop: April 5-9, 2006, Cleveland OH
3. PEP Special Session at Auburn University, May 17-22, 2006, Auburn AL
4. Summer Session: 5 courses: VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, July 15-22, 2006, Cleveland OH
5. National Conference, Aug 15-19, 2006, Chicago, IL

IACREOT: International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials, and Treasurers
1. Mid-winter Meeting: Jan 20-24, 2006, San Francisco CA
2. Annual Conference: Jul 4-8, 2006, San Francisco CA
3. Fall Meeting: Sept 27-30, 2006, Daytona Beach FL

1. NSDI 06: 3rd Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, May 8-10, 2006, San Jose CA
…Focuses on the design principles of large-scale networks and distributed systems.
2. Annual Technical Conference, May 30-Jun 3, 2006, Boston MA

– Usenix/Accurate
1. Electronic Voting Technology Workshop (EVT ’06), Aug 1, 2006, Vancouver BC Canada
…EVT seeks to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines, ranging from computer science and human factors experts through political scientists, legal experts, election administrators, and voting equipment vendors. The workshop will include short paper presentations as well as vibrant panel discussions with substantial time devoted to questions and answers. Attendance at the workshop will be open to the public, although speakers and presentations will be by invitation only.
Accurate: A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Transparent Elections