Advancement Project data collection project on Louisiana displaced voters

I received email today from folks at the Advancement Project, regarding their efforts to collect data on the experiences of Louisiana’s displaced voters. Here’s the email message they sent to me:

he Louisiana State Legislature, a federal district court judge, and the U.S. Department of Justice have all, to date, rejected reasonable requests to establish out of state satellite polling places for the displaced voters of New Orleans Parish, who have been temporarily scattered around the nation yet hope to participate in the important upcoming elections. We are collecting hard facts on the experiences of displaced voters who have little choice except to navigate the little-used LA absentee ballot process. We are recommending that voter protection advocates use the attached procedures and tracking form to collect these facts and forward them to Advancement Project so that we can compile, analyze, and distribute them for legal and other advocacy purposes. Time is of the essence. We need your help in order to ensure fair elections! Thanks.

And here are the two files that were attached, one a set of guidelines for collecting data on the experiences of displaced voters, the other a a form that can be used to document their experiences.