Adapting e-voting machines in Orange County for paper audit trail

There was an interesting clip in the most recent email newsletter from Neal Kelley, Orange County’s (California) innovative election administrator (one sign of his innovations is sending out this informative electronic newsletter!). Here is the clip quoted from his newsletter, and below it is a link to a photo that shows how they are adapting the Hart eSlate for addition of the paper audit trail device for the June primary:

Holes to be Cut in 9,000 eSlate Booths in Order to be Ready for the June Primary Election

Shown at right is wiring and the hole that will need to be added to each eSlate booth over the next several weeks. Work on this considerable retrofit effort will be begin as the April 11th election concludes. Over 100 people will be working on this project in multiple shifts as we work to prepare each booth for the June Primary election.

Here is the link referenced in the clip.