Election Updates hits 300 essays, and welcome to Paul Gronke and Earlyvoting!

This is our 300th essay on Election Updates, another milestone for us!

As I write this 300th essay, I’m happy to announce that after a long and hard negotiation this morning over soda and sandwiches, Paul Gronke and his Earlyvoting blog is going to be consolidated with our Election Updates blog. Paul is going to point his blog readers to Election Updates, and from here on out he’ll be writing about early voting in the U.S. and across the world from Election Updates! Thad, Melissa and I are excited by this consolidation, and we hope that our readers appreciate finding all of this material in one place.

More soon from the visit to Chicago. The Illinois Board of Elections meeting this morning was quite interesting, and of course we’ll have much more to say about MPSA in coming days.