Debate over vote by mail is heating up

The debate over vote by mail is heating up, with a few notable entries into this important discussion.

  • The American Prospect features a special report, “The New Ballot Box”, available on its website.
  • Mydd and DailyKos have links to the Prospect stories, along with some reader comments.
  • A local Oregon blog, BlueOregon, has entered the fray. Many Oregon residents are tireless advocates of vote by mail.
  • Finally, an Oregon group has started the Votebymailproject to advocate for this method of voting.

I’ll blog on these various efforts over the next week. I’d like to also tell you that there is high quality academic scholarship on the broader impact of voting by mail on campaigns and on voter decision making, but unfortunately, the main agency that funds such work told me two years ago that voting by mail was a non-issue!