Educating voters on the use of paper audit trails

One of the important things that we will be monitoring this year, especially in the upcoming June primaries in California, will be the widespread use of voter-verified paper audit trails. In many places, primary elections this year will be the first widespread use of these systems.

Orange County, California, has initiated a voter education campaign on the use of their voter-verified paper audit trail, and they recently have put up an interesting website dedicated to educating voters how to use their paper audit trail system (their vendor is Hart). The best link on the page is the live webcam from which viewers can watch installation of the paper audit trail mechanisms.

Another California county that uses the Hart voting device is San Mateo County, and here is their online information about the same voter-verification paper audit trail mechanism.

As we encounter additional examples (and I have no doubt I’ll get some email on this), I’ll post them.