Pollworkers in California getting raises for upcoming primary

County registrars and recorders have been reporting difficulties recruiting pollworkers for the upcoming June 6 primary election. In order to help alleviate the problem in Los Angeles County, the Board of Supervisors voted last night to increase the pay of pollworkers. Clerks will get a raise from $55 to $80, and inspectors will get a raise from $75 to $100. According to a story in our local paper, this will make the pay of pollworkers in Los Angeles County roughly equilivant to that paid to workers in other California counties:

The move will cost taxpayers an extra $625,000 annually but makes pollworkers’ pay comparable to that in other large counties throughout the state.

By comparison, Alameda County offers pollworkers the highest pay in the state: $110 a day for clerks and $150 for inspectors. Ventura County pays clerks $70 and inspectors $100; San Bernardino County pays clerks $100 and inspectors $135.

While a nice raise, and hopefully a move that will make it easier for Los Angeles County to recruit pollworkers, given that these folks are working a long (14-hour) day, this is still not much money to serve as an inducement for pollworkers …