Field Trip for Thad Hall

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that due to equipment failures (Arkansas), new state laws requiring paper trails (California, Washington), technical glitches (Illinois), or pressure from groups such as Verified Vote and blackbox voting, election reform over the next two years may actually mean a dramatic move back to pencil and the paper ballot.

Tomorrow, Thad Hall and I are going to explore the Multnomah County elections process, and by implication, the voting by mail process across Oregon.

I’ve invited Thad so that he can understand the administrative procedures which are employed in Oregon. We can speculate on how applicable these may be nationwide.

The absolutely gorgeous weather, crystal blue Oregon sky, and the availability of spring skiing has nothing to do with his visit.

For those interested, Multnomah County has also prepared a video detailing the election procedures: (click on the link just below “Elections Division”).

I’m sure Thad will post his reactions in a few days.

Thad, have you turned in your permission slip?