Busy week upcoming for the EAC

This week is going to be a busy one for the Election Assistance Commission. They are having a series of meetings this week in which the initial public reports from many of the ongoing and upcoming research projects will be made. The precise agendas for each of the meetings is available from the EAC’s website.

In particular, on Tuesday afternoon there will be presentations made of the provisional voting study commissioned by the EAC, and the poll worker recruitment best practice study. Wednesday promises to be even more provocative, with reports on the voter fraud/intimidation project, voter identification, and the vote counting/recounting best practices project. On Wednesday, the draft Election Day survey instrument is also to be unveiled, something that Thad nad I have written about extensively in earlier essays (and produced a report regarding).

Thad will be in Washington to make a presentation on our vote counting/recounting project, and hopefully he’ll be able to report back to us some of the results of this initial wave of EAC research.