Pasadena Voting

Bored at Borders:
With only 21% voter turnout, what better place to work the polls–Borders on south Lake Ave in Pasadena. This is a new pollsite–hasn’t been used in the past, at least not in recent years. This was also my voting location, so after casting my ballot I took some photos and checked out the signage etc. When I arrived there were plenty of patrons in the store, and one only person voting. There was plenty of parking and the necessary signage was posted. I’m interested to find out the reasoning behind the decision by the managment to host a pollsite at their store (this is something us VTPers discussed at lunch today). Though the voting site was located on the second floor of the store, there was an elevator available, as well as parking behind the store at the second floor level (this entrance was right next to the voting setup). It was a nice place to vote really–bookstores are usually relatively quiet.

You’re Fired: voting at the pottery studio:
Upon arriving at the community center where I take a pottery class, I discovered that it was a poll location! The specific room that was used was one of the art rooms at the facility—and was easily the smallest room on the premises. I was so surprised to find that the voting booths were set up in this small room, when there are three other much more suitable rooms at the center: a large multi-purpose room and at least one small classroom. I wasn’t able to take photos, but I wish I had. There were 6 or 7 voting ‘booths’ set up in the room, which I estimate measured 8×10 feet. The space also included of course a long table where election workers sat. The voter check-in was located outside the room, outdoors in the front of the center. There was ample parking and handicap accessible (the main entrance is a sloped ramp with safety bars.)

Needing Assistance at the Assistance League
The second poll site I visited in Pasadena was the Assistance League, located on California Blvd and Hudson Ave. This has been my usual polling place in the past. My photos illustrate the lack of signage at the parking lot entrance (which is on a one-way street and somewhat challenging to get to because of it.) The pollworkers were kind enough to let me take photos of the interior of the site—there was plenty of voting booths as well as election workers. I believe this location serves two precincts. On my way out, it was encouraging to hear a comment from a woman (probably in her 60s) on this day of low voter turnout—despite certain obstacles that day (car trouble, doctor’s appointment) she stated she was going to cast her vote whether they wanted it or not!