EAC Guide to Implementing Voting Systems

The EAC issued a report today called “Quick Start: Management Guide for New Voting Systems.” I just got the email so have not read it but will comment on it later. Below is the text of the release accompanying the report.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) met today to discuss management guidelines to ensure the proper use of voting systems in conjunction with other critical aspects of the elections process. Commissioners also released EAC’s Quick Start Management Guide, which describes processes and procedures for local election administrators to use when implementing new voting systems.

Commissioners heard from election officials, management and technical experts as they examined a range of election procedures such as equipment storage, security access, set up and operation, and the counting of votes. Panelists emphasized that proper training of election officials and poll workers is essential to maintain the security and reliability of voting equipment as well as overall confidence in the elections process.

The Quick Start Management Guide is a snapshot of procedures for election officials to use when introducing new voting systems. It highlights priority items essential to managing a successful election with a new voting system. It is a prelude to EAC’s Election Management Guidelines (EMG), a comprehensive document of election administration practices and recommendations. The EMG is a multi-year project, with new portions being completed and released on a priority basis over the next several years.

“Many jurisdictions throughout the country are using new voting equipment, and all of us recognize the need to also introduce comprehensive procedures surrounding the set-up, operation and storage of that new equipment,” said EAC Chairman Paul DeGregorio. “That is why we issued Quick Start, which provides an overview of management procedures for voting systems that can be put in place now.” He noted that the first EMG module will be released later this year.

Initial EMG topics will cover information on voting system certification, security, and pre-election testing. Other topics to be addressed include procedures regarding statewide voter registration systems, voting system management, information technology, precinct definition, poll workers, polling places, military and overseas voters, facility management, office administration, voter outreach, and Election Day procedures and practices. The EMG will also complement the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines, adopted by EAC in December, 2005.