Ways to bring voters back to the polls

When I was in Mexico, another of my election reform opinion pieces was published in the Pasadena Star-News, “Draw California voters back to the polls.” There is a pdf version of the op-ed available here. Here’s the punchline:

But we’ve got to figure out how to re-engage and excite California voters about politics, reducing the effect of “voter fatigue” and better empowering voters in future elections.

We can work to give California voters more choices when they are asked to cast ballots, and re-engage them with politics, and this should be a high priority in Sacramento. Real redistricting reform is making its way through the Legislature. That reform must be passed and signed by the governor this summer.

But we also have to open up the primary election process and shift from the current system that robs voters of meaningful participation in primary elections. That should be the next focus of work in the state Legislature on election reform, unless we want to continue with a situation where most voters are no-shows.