Intelligence update — election reform on the ballot across the nation

Our friends at the Initiative and Referendum Institute (IRI) recently released a state-by-state survey of what is going to be on statewide ballots throughout the nation in this election season. Unfortunately the IRI report does not give a convenient table describing what is on the ballot by issue area, there are some interesting ballot measures described in the IRI report that election reformers might want to follow, including:

  • Alaska: a campaign finance measure to restrict campaign contributions.
  • Arizona: a measure that would give a million dollars to a randomly-picked voter after each general election, in an attempt to stimulate voter turnout.
  • Colorado: a constitutional amendment to extend initiative rights and limit the abilities of courts to impose “single subject” rules.
  • Florida: a constitutional amendment to require a 60-percent threshold for initiative passage.

The intriguing measure is clearly the Arizona one; if that passes, it will be interesting to see if it has any effect on voter participation in that state.