Disasters, Risks, and the Rain

For those of you who wonder why people like Mike and I–and John Fortier and Norm Ornstein at AEI–care so much about disaster management and being prepared for terrorism and the like, check out this link. It has video of the aftermath of a ceiling collapse that ruined the voting equipment in a New Mexico County. As the story states:

A building where Bernalillo County voting machines are kept couldn’t withstand the rain. The building’s roof started to leak last night soaking insulation until it fell through the ceiling tiles. Water poured down onto computers. Absentee ballots from the primary election, which have already been counted, were ruined. The county clerk’s office is now scrambling to find a new facility and test voting machines. “We have some voting machines that got wet,” County Clerk Mary Herrera said. “We’re going to have to test them to make sure that they’re functioning efficiently to use for the election.” The next election–the Albuquerque Public Schools bond election–is scheduled for Sept. 19. The general election for state and local offices is Nov. 7.