Democratic National Committee encouraging Internet voting for primaries

According to news reports from last week’s meeting of the DNC’ rule’s committee:

Looking to broaden primary voting participation, the committee also voted to encourage state parties to provide for Internet voting. Some questioned whether such a step could disenfranchise some poor and minority voters, who have more limited access to computers.

“Because of the ongoing digital divide, we’re going to continue to monitor how that’s implemented,” said Donna Brazile, a member of the rules committee who has been active in DNC efforts to reach out to minorities.

What exactly the rules committee did to encourage the provision of Internet voting, and how that will be received by the state parties as they start to gear up for the 2008 presidential primaries, is unclear (but of course we’ll try to follow it here).


On the DNC website, there is now this brief blurb regarding the 2008 rule changes that apparently were approved by the DNC rules committee:

he 2008 Rules contain a new provision allowing Internet voting under certain conditions. Internet voting can only apply to State Party-run primaries and must be accompanied by in-person voting locations and vote by mail. Additionally, Internet voting must include a comprehensive outreach and education program to reach those who lack access as well as certain security and technical safeguards.

I’m trying to track down a copy of the rules.