Election Updates milestones …

While we were at the American Political Science Association annual meetings last week in Philadephia (more on the conference soon!), we here at Election Updates passed two milestones that I wanted to note.

First, we’ve been writing this blog for exactly a year now; we started it late in August 2005.

Second, we just passed our 500th essay.

Thanks to Thad, Paul and Melissa for their contributions.

And thanks to folks out there who read our essays on elections, voting technology, and election reform. During the past year we have managed to get over 28,000 visits to our blog, and over 45,000 page views. We average about 100 visits per day, and 141 page views per day.

As is always the case, if you have ideas for things we should be writing about, don’t hesitate to send them along!