New EAC RFP on "alternative voting" out

Just got this from the EAC.

There were two supporting documents: Statement of Work, and the solicitation.

Here is information from the SOW on the objective of the study:

Objective. To provide information to the States and the Congress on the feasibility and advisability of using alternative days, times, and places to conduct Federal elections, the EAC seeks assistance in (1) developing case studies that examine States’ and/or particular jurisdictions’ experience conducting Federal elections on different days, in different places, and at different hours; and (2) surveying voters and to better understand their motivations and perceptions of impediments to voting. Case studies will provide insight into the successes and challenges to instituting changes in elections practices, while a voter and non-voter survey will provide insights into the public’s perceptions of particular aspects of the voting process.

Interesting stuff …