More NOW segments on elections

I recently posted a notice of a program on NOW (PBS) that discussed absentee balloting.
David Brancaccio must have elections on his mind, because there have been a series of other elections related broadcasts.

Here is the list:

This week: “Taking the Initiative” profiles Howard Rich, a wealthy New Yorker who is bankrolling initiatives all over the country (including at least two in my home state of Oregon).

Previous elections related shows:


Blog the Vote (September 15, 2006) Are political blogs influencing elections?

Down for the Count (September 8, 2006) Will new voting machines cause an Election Day debacle?

Block the Vote (September 1, 2006) Is your right to vote safe? New laws designed to prevent voter fraud may keep minorities, the poor, and the disabled away from the polls.

All these shows are available as podcasts.