Those Wacky Europeans

Those wacky Europeans are at it again. The Netherlands will be allowing Dutch citizens living abroad to vote on the Internet in Parlimentary elections this November. The basics of this are described on the website for the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Not surprisingly, the government notes that:

The main purpose of this experiment will be to enhance voting facilities. The regular postal voting will still be available for the Dutch ex pats. After registration, the voters will be able to choose whether they want to cast their vote by internet or by post.

There were 5,000 voters who cast ballots online in 2004. In 2006, they have made certain changes to the process in order to streamline certain aspects and improve transparency.

Reports about the efficacy of the 2004 experiment can be found here (see the right side of the page).

Not to beat a dead horse here, but we should be doing these exact types of experiments!!!!!