Advancement Project's poll worker palm card project

I received this email from the Advancement Project this morning:

Advancement Project and our community-based partners have developed a resource – Poll Worker Palm Cards – to prevent disenfranchisement by giving election workers easy access to information they need at their fingertips.

Our voter protection program has found in many locales that inadequate poll worker training and support results in voter disenfranchisement in election after election. In many places, training does not ensure that poll workers can readily recall the most important information and rules. Dense training materials often do not include a detailed index, helpful summaries or frequently asked questions.

To help prevent errors that cause disenfranchisement and to assist poll workers in Detroit, Philadelphia, Florida and Ohio, we have developed palm cards with the top Ten Things Every Poll Worker Should Know. These cards contain city- and state-specific information in a compact and user-friendly format. They are each different — based on research and community input about the key problems and needs in those communities.

In partnership with state and local civic engagement efforts in Philadelphia, Detroit and several counties in Ohio and Florida, we have asked election officials to give these cards, or a similar resource, to their poll workers. At our suggestion, the City of Philadelphia has agreed to put much of the information contained in our Palm Card on a poster that will be taped to the check-in table in every Philadelphia polling site. Other cities and counties are considering the idea of distributing these palm cards to their poll workers.

Time is short! Please help Advancement Project prevent errors at the polls by putting critical information at the fingertips of election workers. You can make a difference by:

Calling or writing election officials in Philadelphia, Detroit and counties in Florida and Ohio, asking that they distribute the Palm Card to their poll workers.
Giving a palm card to any poll worker that you know.

Asking political parties or other organizations that typically recruit poll workers to distribute these card.

Creating Poll Worker Palm Cards for use in other cities, counties and states.

Additional details are available at the Advancement Project’s website, including links there to the palm cards they have developed for Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.