Eleven charged in the OC in registration fraud scheme

Yesterday the Orange County (CA) district attorney charged eleven individuals regarding a voter registration fraud scheme, in which the partisan registration status of voters was changed. Currently, there are 37 instances of this happening as a result of this scheme in the OC, according to the Los Angeles Times:

The voter registration charges cover at least 37 instances in which Democratic and Green Party voters and even one noncitizen were registered as Republicans. Each defendant was charged with felony counts of fraudulent completion of registration affidavits. The defendants are all low-level workers who circulated registration cards.

Here are some additional details about the scheme:

The Orange County district attorney’s office has charged 11 people with fraudulent voter registration stemming from a Republican registration drive this year that resulted in dozens of Democrats unwittingly being signed up as Republicans.

Those charged had been paid as much as $10 for each voter they registered as part of a Republican Party effort to recruit more voters in central Orange County. The area includes the district represented by Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a regular target of Republicans, and a competitive state Senate race.