Op-Ed on Confidence in Voting

The chair of the EAC, Paul DeGregorio, published an opinion piece today in the Tallahassee Democrat stating that the “hype” over hacking voting systems should not shatter confidence in voting. The bottom line for his analysis is this:

This election year is one of change, challenge and progress in how our citizens will vote. At least one-third of Americans will vote on new equipment, many contests may be close, and voters (hopefully) will turn out in great numbers at polling places throughout the nation. For the first time, thanks to the Help America Vote Act and modern voting equipment, many people with disabilities will have the ability to vote independently. Provisional voting is now available in every state. We have come a long way since 2000, but challenges related to the transition to new equipment remain. But changes along the way are a good thing, because it builds trust in election systems that can be verified to further empower confidence among voters.

Americans should be confident that their vote will be counted, whether they touch a screen or fill in an oval. The integrity of the system is not in hands of hackers, professors, interest groups or politicians in Washington – it is managed by local election officials, as it always has been. No one should be intimidated by the hype over hacking. Vote on Nov. 7. You can count on it.