The most watched election in history … ?

USA Today offered this story this morning, “Many eyes will watch the polls.” Here’s a snip:

Thousands of lawyers, election monitors and volunteers with video cameras will be mobilized on Election Day in an effort to guard against problems at the polls.

The Justice Department will dispatch more than 800 observers, a record for a non-presidential election year, to look for evidence of discrimination, intimidation and other obstacles to voter accessibility in at least 20 states.

The Democratic Party has a 50-state voter-protection effort and an estimated 7,000 lawyers at the ready. Liberal groups have set up hotlines for voters to call if they are denied the right to vote. And hundreds of people plan to film interviews at polling places where voters are being challenged that day.

You can add a couple of handfuls of Caltech, MIT, and University of Utah professors and students to that equation.

And other entities like “Video the Vote”. (added 8:47pm, November 2, 2006).