Pollworker Perseverence in Pasadena

I was so encouraged when talking to a friend in pottery class yesterday afternoon regarding her experience as a pollworker. Though she had a stressful and frustrating experience working the polls in the June primary (due to her perceived lack of training provided and subsequent lack of knowledge of her fellow pollworkers, as well as the election official showing up late and having to turn away voters), she nonetheless signed up to work again on Election Day for this general election. And it’s not just for the money. I kid. Seriously though, I must commend her for her perseverence because she is the type of person we need out there on Election Day–educated, smart and a critical thinker. She has made it a point to become educated on the election process and on how the voting equipment works–to go above and beyond what trainng was offered–so she can be an effective pollworker. So, I commend my friend, “E”…and wish her well on Election Day.