Denver Post Op-Ed About Election

Here is what the Denver Post said about the election yesterday:

Obviously, the first major test of Denver’s new “vote centers” fell somewhere between a disaster and a fiasco. Just ask the thousands of voters who waited for hours in long, snaking lines at many of the 55 centers around the city. And the undetermined number who got fed up and left without voting.

It was no picnic in Douglas County, either, where some voters endured horrendous lines, but Denver’s mess seemed on a scale of its own. Ironically, many of the 24 machines at any given Denver vote center were idle much of the time. In fact, shortly after 10 a.m. at the Wellington Webb Building, no machines were in use even though 150 people were waiting. “The computers are down,” said an election official. The problem was checking in, not voting. Everyone had to be checked against the central “electronic poll book” that kept records for every registered elector in the city.