Documentary Election Day: 2004 in Indiana

Flipping through the channels a few weeks ago (Oct 27) I came across a documentary on a local PBS station called “By the People: Democracy in the Wild”. I had missed the opening few minutes so I didn’t really know what it was about–but the clues began to add up: talk of Election Day and Marion County–I just knew it was a program documenting behind the scenes of Election Day in the county of Indiana’s state capital. I am officially an election geek–I was so excited to see a program such as this, especially from my home state! The program was so interesting. I am hopeful that this program will help foster a dialog regarding the important service election officials and poll workers perform on Election Day.
DVD description: “An unprecedented, insider’s look as events unfold over the 11 days preceding the 2004 Presidential election, By The People: Democracy In The Wild reveals who and what it takes to put on an American election.”